Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Was Not

Publication Date: 1 Jul. 2019
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781925759815

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    SHERLOCK HOLMES truly trusted but one person - Doctor John H. Watson - but in an ocean of infinite realities it must be possible that in some of them Holmes's fellow tenant at 221B Baker Street could be some other doctor, from any page of history or the annals of literature! Come with us now as we peer into the bizarre and sometimes terrifying fates that await the Master Sleuth when his cases, his reputation, and his very fate rests in the hands, or claws-of some very different medicos! Twelve tales of mind-bending nulti-versal mayhem by Philip Cornell Julie Ditrich Ron Fortier Nancy Holder Rafe McGregor Brad Mengel Will Murray Dennis O'Neil Andrew SalmonJ. Scherpenhuizen Christopher Sequeira I. A. Watson Foreword by Leslie S. Klinger