Code Wars: The Battle for Fans, Dollars and Survival

Publication Date: 20 Apr. 2021
Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN 9781925914153

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    While many books have looked at one or other of the four professional football codes within Australia, none has so far considered all four of them together and in the context of one of the most competitive sports environments in the world. 'Code Wars' does just that. It looks at Australia's relationship with 'football' in all its guises - Australian Rules, rugby league, rugby and association football or soccer - and explores the cut throat cultural and commerical competition between the codes. It looks at the key historical moments that have shaped the football landscape, explores the modern sport landscape, and considers what the future may hold at a time of great uncertainty shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic. 'Code Wars' is for those whose interest in football extends beyond the scoreboard to that which occurs off the field. It does not attempt to say which code is 'best', but presents the issues with a detachment underpinned by data from the author's PhD dissertation, augmented by other research, as well as interviews with experts associated with all codes. Hunter Fujak balances opinion with evidence while also maintaining balance and objectivity from his perspective as a scholar and industry expert. 'Code Wars - The Battle for Fans, Dollars and Survival' is a must read for anyone interested in understanding the sports landscape in Australia, and the past, present and potential of each of the four football codes.