Inspire Action Cards

Inspire Action Cards

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These Inspire Action cards are wonderful for enhancing your levels of happiness, they are, as the name implies, inspirational. Each of the 56 cards have a different picture on one side to be linked to emotions, behaviour, motivation, communication and feedback. The other side has the standard playing cards plus some amazing quotes and motivational actions to lift your emotions. The cards come in plastic box and suggested uses for facilitators and individuals. These suggested uses give ideas for quick and easy exercises for use in any training programme, coaching session or meeting. In using these cards people will find a connection to their emotional levels and ways to lift those emotions, this is a safe way to give feedback without defensiveness or confrontation, these cards are frequently used as icebreakers as well as strategy sessions. Amongst these cards are some wonderful emotional management techniques we can use with our teams, individuals and families, why not choose a card every day and live it - just for fun, just to make yourself happy, just to make someone else happy - all terrific reason for inspiration. Our IA cards are made of high quality luxurious material that just slide easily through your hands when playing with them, they all have quality photographs that will bring all sorts of emotions out of you. They are unique.