Our Publishers

Beautiful Books

Beautiful Books is an independent publishing company, based in Perth, Western Australia. We focus on producing inspirational and visually stunning books.

Firewheel Press

Firewheel Press is a boutique Australian publisher with an eye for unique and beautiful products that inspire creativity and bring people closer to God. We publish the exquisite ‘Lorien Illustrations’ books and cards based around Scripture verses.

Rhiza Press

Rhiza Press is an imprint of Wombat Books. Rhiza aims to publish exceptional stories and deliver to our readers fresh, family friendly titles in a wide variety of genres for people who love books. Rhiza Press is focused on publishing a wide range of fiction titles for age 13 and above.

Serenity Press

Serenity Press is a growing independent publishing company with heartfelt passion and a burning desire to create beautiful books.

Odyssey Books

Odyssey Books is committed to publishing engaging and beautifully written books. Books that stretch the imagination, challenge pre-existing attitudes and beliefs, or take readers to far-flung climes. Books are always a journey. And as our name suggests, we invest in epic journeys, adventurous voyages and intellectual or spiritual quests. Readers are sure to find a book within our range of titles to challenge, inspire and entertain.

Wild Eyed Press

Wild Eyed Press publishes Australia wildlife artworks as quality gifts, stationery, cards, limited prints and more.

Wombat Books

Wombat Books is an independent publisher founded in 2009. We create quality books to respect life, in all its forms. We publish children's books by new and established Australian authors.

Words & Music Press (Ruth Bonetti)

Through Words & Music Press imprint, Ruth Bonetti has published the books she needed as a teenager, university student, musician and fledgling teacher! She approaches music performance, practice and preparation from over thirty years as a professional musician, teacher and speaker – and as a mother. An M.Mus performance graduate from University of Queensland and examiner for the Australian Music Examinations Board, Ruth taught at Queensland Conservatorium of Music for 15 years. Her teaching and presentations in Australia, Britain, USA, Germany, Sweden and France, enhance finesse and confidence for those who perform via words or music.

Yellow Brick Books

Yellow Brick Books publishes quirky, fun, engaging books that we believe will become future classics. Our focus is on picture books and early readers that children will be excited to read.

Novella Distribution also distributes religious titles. For more information, please go to faith.novelladistribution.com.au